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Latest News

Planned down-time will be occurring on Wednesday, 15 May 2019 and Thursday, 16 May 2019 as a part of upgrading server RAM and changing ISP.

Well that was embarrassing. :X

There was two issues as to why pictures weren't loading in the Regina Entertainment Expo 2019, May.

  • The first issue was that I had forgotten to install GD2 for thumbnail rendering with the changing of server software.
  • The second issue was that I was missing an 'argument' in the function call for thumbnail rendering which occurred during the merging.
The gallery is now working as it should be and on-site uploads will happen for the second day of this expo.

With less than 12 hours to go (it is 11:30PM as I am typing this), I have successfully merged the gallery into the single-page view, did some minor tweaks to the gallery display, and set it up so that I can upload pictures taken at the convention. I will do the uploads in 'batches' which will occur any time I am taking a break from chasing after cosplayers to get their pictures.

I have also setup a PayPal donate page (link at bottom of page) if anyone is so inclined to donate to me.

A list of things that donations go towards:
  1. Improving networking infrastructure and equipment
  2. Improving server computer hardware
  3. Paying server operation bills (internet and power)
  4. Funding for me to set up a booth at future conventions
  5. Funding for more and/or improved photography equipment.
  6. My overall health and well-being
  7. A 'rainy day' fund.

With Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo just around the corner, I have been doing some significant server-side upgrades with hardware infrastructure and server software.

My goal before this convention is to do an overhaul on the gallery to integrate it into the 'single document' theme of the website and make it more user friendly. I also intend on making a means to be able to have pictures available online to view/download within minutes after their taken.

I've been quite busy with work lately and haven't had as much time as I would have liked to spend on the website. There has been some down-time of the website itself for the past few days as I am changing networking components around and one of the components was defective. Hopefully, I will get some more time in the future to work on the website on my days off from work.

I've now fixed the thumbnails so that they are correctly rotated based on their exif orientation. I've fixed the logic errors and corrected the "page 0" in the gallery as well.

Everyone, please clear your browser's cache if you've previously been to the gallery; you don't have to clear cookies or history, just the cache for the gallery to display correctly.

Progress is coming along; I am dedicating a couple of hours a day towards the website and the updates are live. If you find a page that seems to be erroring, I am likely actively working on that page. I came across a logic error in the gallery today that I fixed by adding a "page 0". I am also aware that the thumbnails are often times appearing sideways--I'm currently working for a solution at that.

The gallery is finally operational; feel free to download and view and of the pictures there and be sure to let others know.

I finally have time to work on the website again! I went and took a course at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and between that, and work--I virtually had no time to do anything. I am currently working 4 days on and 3 days off. So I hope to have this website done this summer. I regret giving myself such a short time-frame on this website initially of one week. To give some insight to this website, every aspect of it I did from scratch and is up to the latest web standards, security standards, accessibility initiatives, and other web initiatives.